Empowering Maryland Women

The ability of women to control their own finances, work lives, and fertility is absolutely fundamental to women's empowerment and equality. By instituting a state-level Paycheck Fairness Act and providing paid family leave, we can close the gender pay gap in Maryland. When women succeed, we all succeed.

Read Heather's plan to empower women in Maryland.

Ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work

Maryland needs a governor who understands the workplace challenges women face, and who will continue to fight to close the gender wage gap and ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work.

Read Heather's plan to close the gender pay gap in Maryland.

Provide Paid Family and Medical Leave

Paid family leave is important for the health and well-being of newborn babies, adopted children, and aging seniors. It is good for business and helps families balance work and home responsibilities. It is time to provide this progressive benefit for Maryland's working families.

Read Heather's plan to provide paid family leave for Maryland's working families.

Improve Access to Child Care for Maryland Families

The high cost of child care should not devour a working Maryland family’s entire paycheck, nor should it prevent all but the wealthiest Marylanders from placing their children in a safe and nurturing child care setting.

Read Heather’s plan to expand access to and increase benefits of child care subsidies.