Fulfilling Our Promise to Maryland's Seniors

Our seniors have dedicated their lives to building stronger communities all across Maryland. As they live longer and healthier than ever before, it is our responsibility to help make their retirement years truly golden.

By making retirement savings accessible for all, becoming a leader in Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment, prioritizing geriatric mental health outreach, preventing elder abuse, and ensuring respect for seniors’ medical decisions, we can live up to this essential promise.

Read Heather's full plan for Maryland seniors.

Provide a Secure Retirement for All Marylanders

After working for their entire lives, Marylanders deserve a secure and dignified retirement. Under our current system, too many workers face an uncertain future. By establishing a state-run savings option, we can make it easier and more affordable for Marylanders to save for a secure retirement.

Read Heather's plan to create a state-run retirement savings fund.

Prioritize Alzheimer's Care and Geriatric Mental Health

Seniors can face devastating neurological and mental health conditions. We have to provide better resources and treatments for our parents and grandparents who suffer from these disorders and diseases. By making Alzheimer’s research and geriatric mental health care bigger priorities, we can provide an improved quality of life for our seniors.

Read Heather's plan to make Maryland an epicenter for Alzheimer's research and provide statewide geriatric mental health outreach.

Prevent Abuse of Our Seniors

Maryland’s seniors have spent their lives taking care of the rest of us— and they deserve the same care and devotion as they enter their elderly years.  But far too many Maryland seniors face abuse and neglect.  By creating an adult abuse registry, we can cut down on repeat offenders and help protect seniors from harm.

Read Heather's plan to create a state vulnerable adult abuser registry.

Ensure Respect for Seniors' Medical Decisions

Seniors know best how to live their own lives. When it comes to medical decisions, they should be provided with all the medical options available to them, be allowed to choose whatever they believe is in their best interests, and have those choices respected by medical personnel.

Read Heather's plan to give seniors more control over their medical treatment.