Public Support

Organizations and Media

EMILY's List

"Heather Mizeur is a progressive powerhouse who will fight for the rights of Maryland’s women and working families from day one. Heather is poised to be the first elected openly gay governor in the country and the first woman to serve as governor in the Free State. The EMILY's List community—now three million members strong—is excited about this glass-ceiling breaker."

Democracy for America

"Heather Mizeur won't just make history as Maryland's first woman governor and the first gay governor in American history. She'll make history as an unabashed progressive champion with the vision and leadership needed to get things done in Annapolis. From her fight to raise the minimum wage to her battle to make the Old Line State a leader in marriage equality, Heather has always stood strong for Maryland's working families and Democracy for America's members in Maryland and across the country are proud to stand with her in the race for Governor."

Montgomery County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 35

"After hearing Heather speak, her selection was a no-brainer for us. Maryland has had enough politics-as-usual. Heather is a breath of fresh air, and she far outshined her competition with her knowledge of the issues, passion for public service, and commitment to making a difference."

Sierra Club Maryland Chapter

"Delegate Mizeur is a true environmental champion who leads the fight to ensure that all Maryland families have access to clean water, healthy air and open spaces. Heather isn't afraid to speak her mind and stand up to special interests.”

Maryland National Organization for Women PAC

“It’s time for Maryland to break the glass ceiling and have a woman as Governor, and they could not have a better option than Heather Mizeur. She is deserving of MD NOW PAC’s support not just because she is a woman, but because of her vast policy-making experience, her willingness to never settle for the status quo, and constant focus on improving communities.”

Women’s Campaign Fund

“We are supporting Delegate Mizeur for Governor because of her impressive record standing up for Maryland women and families. Her demonstrated leadership while in the Maryland House of Delegates is precisely the kind of leadership Marylanders need to see in Annapolis."

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) PAC

"NORML PAC is pleased to endorse Delegate Heather Mizeur in her campaign to become the next governor of Maryland. We believe Del. Mizeur and her running mate Delman Coates will provide the leadership required to help Maryland move towards a new, smarter approach to marijuana."

Feminist Majority

"Maryland has a chance to make history by electing Heather Mizeur. If elected as Governor, she will surely win advancements for Maryland's women, working families, young people, and members of the LGBT community."

Blue America

"Heather Mizeur is announcing her candidacy for Governor of Maryland and Blue America is honored to endorse her. She is the perfect embodiment of the progressive leaders we believe will lead the Democratic Party in the direction we must go if we are to change this country."

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

"From the flight attendants at Piedmont Airlines in Salisbury to our members at United and pre-merger US Airways in Baltimore, Heather understands the unique issues facing AFA members in Maryland, as well as the broad issues facing American workers. She gets that labor plays an integral role in forging a strong, sustainable economy and the need for a level playing field so that hard work is rewarded with middle class opportunity."

Progressive Neighbors

"Progressive Neighbors is proud to endorse Delegate Heather Mizeur in her campaign to become the next Governor of Maryland because she is the most progressive candidate in the race. An accomplished legislator, able to reach across the aisle and bring ideological opponents together in pursuit of common interests, Delegate Mizeur will also be Maryland's first female governor as well as possibly becoming America's first openly gay governor."

Baltimore OUTloud

Delegate Mizeur and her running mate, Delman Coates, have run a positive, thoughtful campaign, articulated a strong, progressive future for the State and earned our enthusiastic endorsement for Governor and Lt. Governor.

Lesbian Political Action Committee (LPAC)

Central Baltimore County Democratic Club (CBCDC)

Southwest Baltimore County Democratic Club

Elected Officials and Community Leaders

Baltimore City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke

“Thank you Delegate Mizeur for having the courage to get into the race for governor and giving us an exciting choice. Your leadership and values are exactly what Maryland needs at this time and I'm proud to support you in this race.”

Former Congressman Wayne Gilchrest

“I'm proud to endorse Heather Mizeur for Governor. She's the best choice for the Eastern Shore, and for all of Maryland. No one will fight harder to protect the Chesapeake Bay than Heather. No one else will bring Maryland together, regardless of what differences we may face, to take on our toughest challenges

Takoma Park Mayor Bruce Williams

"Takoma Park stands strong beside Heather Mizeur for Governor of Maryland. As a former City Councilmember, she knows personally the work needed to make all our communities prosperous and successful. Heather will be a champion for every town and city in this state, as she has been for Takoma Park for a decade. I am proud to endorse Heather Mizeur for governor."

Takoma Park Councilmember Seth Grimes

“Heather has been a great advocate for Takoma Park, for every person she represents and every cause she takes on throughout her career. But our small city is willing to share. Heather will be a great governor for all of Maryland."

Takoma Park Councilmember Terry Seamens

"I served with Heather on the City Council early in her community service. She is one of the smartest, hardest working public advocates I have ever known. She'll make a great governor and people’s advocate."

Takoma Park Councilmember Jarrett Smith

"Heather Mizeur is the best choice to be our next governor. It is critically important for our state's next leader to focus on systemic issues like job creation, economic reform, and closing the educational achievement gap.  Heather has the track record, vision, and tenacity to tackle and solve these difficult challenges. I am thrilled to team up with her and participate in these fundamental changes."

Cheverly Councilmember Mary Jane Coolen

“Cheverly could not have a better advocate for its interests than Heather Mizeur. A former city councilmember, she knows the needs of local communities better than any candidate in this race.”

College Park Councilmember Patrick Wojahn

“Heather is a leader in the Maryland House of Delegates in fighting to protect our environment and conserve our natural resources. Heather will be best able to lead our state into a sustainable future.”

Fairmont Heights Councilmember Jacqueline Wood-Dodson

“Heather Mizeur is bar none the best candidate with the best ideas to improve our communities in Prince George’s County.”

ReWired for Change Founder Sonja Sohn (Detective Kima Greggs on The Wire)

"Heather is informed, passionate and knows how to get things done. But my faith in her ability comes from something much more unique: when you hear her speak about her plans for reform — to the justice system, to the schools, to health care — you see her compassion and her desire to solve big problems. Unlike many, Heather really listens, and then she wastes no time getting to work to help improve lives. That's not something a politician can fake, learn or buy."

Delegate Shane Robinson (District 39)

League of Conservation Voters Founder Marion Edey

Chestertown Mayor Margo Bailey

Salisbury City Councilmember Laura Mitchell

Chesapeake City Councilmember Harry Sampson

Easton Town Councilmember Megan Cook

Former Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Carol Fordonski

Takoma Park Councilmember Kay Daniels-Cohen

Takoma Park Councilmember Fred Schultz

Former Takoma Park Mayor Kathy Porter

Former Takoma Park Mayor Ed Sharp

Former Takoma Park Councilmember Colleen Clay

Former Takoma Park Councilmember Hank Prensky

Former Takoma Park Councilmember Dan Robinson

Former Takoma Park Councilmember Reuben Snipper

Former Takoma Park Councilmember Josh Wright

Brentwood Councilmember Jason Barnett

College Park Councilmember PJ Brennan

Mt. Rainier Councilmember Jesse Christopherson

New Carrollton Councilmember Liza Fenton

Glenarden Councilmember Jennifer Jenkins

Brentwood Councilmember Jennifer Murphy

Hyattsville Councilmember Patrick Paschall

Hyattsville Councilmember Shani Warner

Former University Park Councilmember Bruce White