Why I'm Running

I love this state and I see limitless possibilities on what we can accomplish together to create good, well paying jobs, improve our schools, protect our environment, promote our health, and create safe and thriving neighborhoods in every community across Maryland. I want to see Maryland live up to its full potential rather than settling for “good enough” – and the most effective way for me to do that now is as your next Governor. I love our state and I want to see it at its best. Our families and our communities deserve better.

Public Service is a Family value:

Public service is an opportunity for ordinary people to do extraordinary things – making our communities better every day through a commitment to build; to lift up; to collaborate. My dad was a UAW welder for 32 years. I grew up walking picket lines with him. That was where I first adopted my lifelong belief that standing up for your community and working hard for justice begins long before campaign speeches or Election Day.

I’ve served my country and my state as a volunteer, a voter, and for the past eleven years, an elected official. During my time in the General Assembly, I’ve fought on behalf of Marylanders from all different walks of life – families, same sex couples, children, people with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities, the falsely imprisoned, minority and small business and many others.

Together, we are stronger:

I want to see a government that works for all Maryland families. I don’t believe that any of us should be settling. We are one community, and we need to start talking and interacting and working together. That’s how we will accomplish great things, like building a long term sustainable economy, ensuring the best education for all our children, and protecting the natural resources across the state. Our path forward has to be walked together, working as one Maryland. 

There are great challenges facing Maryland, and also incredible opportunities. It’s time to fundamentally change the way we do business, the way we govern. And that starts with a different kind of candidate, running a different sort of campaign.

A Campaign for Marylanders:

We’re running this campaign out in communities across Maryland – not just giving speeches or holding rallies, but working side-by-side with our neighbors. I know that many Marylanders are ready to join a movement that strengthens this great state—one that honors the work that has been done, and recognizes the challenges ahead.

I believe that by rolling up our sleeves and getting to work out in all of our communities, learning about the challenges and struggles but also the opportunities all around Maryland, and how our communities are solving their problems, I can start a conversation about how we all come together.

We can ensure that Maryland never settles for less than we deserve as a community and as a state.