Release: Delegate Heather Mizeur Receives Endorsements from Takoma Park Leaders


Wednesday, September 4, 2013            

Delegate Heather Mizeur Receives Endorsements from Takoma Park Leaders

SILVER SPRING, Maryland – Today, Delegate Heather Mizeur’s campaign for Governor of Maryland released a round of local endorsements from her hometown of Takoma Park. Mizeur was endorsed by six members of the Takoma Park City Council, two former mayors, and four former councilmembers. 

"Takoma Park is a community with a strong social justice conscience that turns shared values into action," Mizeur said.  "This community is looking for a governor that cares about the issues; that cares deeply about the people; and that knows how to bring people together to get things done. Gaining the strong support of the Mayor and City Councilmembers is incredibly meaningful to me."

Mizeur’s endorsements include Mayor Bruce Williams and current Councilmembers Seth Grimes, Kay Daniels-Cohen, Terry Seamens, Jarrett Smith, and Fred Schultz; former Mayors Kathy Porter and Ed Sharp; and former Councilmembers Colleen Clay, Hank Prensky, Dan Robinson, and Reuben Snipper.

Before her election to the Maryland House of Delegates, Mizeur served as a Takoma Park City Councilmember from 2003-2005.

Below are statements from several Takoma Park elected officials who are endorsing Del. Mizeur for Governor of Maryland:

Mayor Bruce Williams

"Takoma Park stands strong beside Heather Mizeur for Governor of Maryland. As a former City Councilmember, she knows personally the work needed to make all our communities prosperous and successful. Heather will be a champion for every town and city in this state, as she has been for Takoma Park for a decade. I am proud to endorse Heather Mizeur for governor."

Councilmember Jarrett Smith

"Heather Mizeur is the best choice to be our next governor. It is critically important for our state's next leader to focus on systemic issues like job creation, economic reform, and closing the educational achievement gap.  Heather has the track record, vision, and tenacity to tackle and solve these difficult challenges. I am thrilled to team up with her and participate in these fundamental changes."

Councilmember Terry Seamens

"I served with Heather on the City Council early in her community service. She is one of the smartest, hardest working public advocates I have ever known. She'll make a great governor and people’s advocate."

Councilmember Seth Grimes

“Heather has been a great advocate for Takoma Park, for every person she represents and every cause she takes on throughout her career. But our small city is willing to share. Heather will be a great governor for all of Maryland."