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Maryland Works: A 10-Point Plan To Boost Our Economy

Maryland families need an economy that works for them. Through a mix of smart investments in job training and infrastructure, decreases in personal income and business taxes, and a long-overdue increase to the minimum wage, a Mizeur administration will ensure our economy is built to grow throughout the 21st century and provide the jobs Marylanders need.

Read Heather's full 10-point jobs plan.

1. Give Marylanders Much Needed Tax Relief

Reinstating a millionaire's tax on the state's top-earners grants well-deserved and overdue tax relief for our middle and working class.

Read Heather's plan to cut income tax bills for 90% of Marylanders.

2. Institute a Living Wage

Maryland workers deserve wages that reflect their hard work and guarantee that anyone who works full time will not have to live in poverty.

Read Heather’s plan to raise Maryland's minimum wage to $16.70 by 2022.

3. Strengthen Job Training

For many of our industries, we have a skills problem and not a jobs problem. Increasing our investment in job training for low-income Marylanders will help bridge the gap between workers' skills and workforce needs, while providing another path to the middle class.

Read Heather's plan to double funding for the EARN job training program and fully fund adult education.

4. Provide Tax Relief to Small Businesses

As the engines of our economy, Maryland's small businesses deserve to compete on an even playing field with big business. Without reform, our corporate tax code will continue to provide large corporations the ability to avoid their tax responsibilities and gain an unfair advantage over smaller Maryland companies.

Read Heather's plan to close the corporate tax avoidance loophole and provide small business tax rebates.

5. Make Earned Sick Leave Available to All Maryland Workers

No worker should have to choose between their health and their livelihood. Earned sick and safe leave allows Marylanders to care for their loved ones and themselves, without fear for their job security.

Read Heather's plan to guarantee earned sick and safe leave for all Maryland workers.

6. Rebuild Our Schools

Our children deserve to learn and grow in safe and healthy environments. Too many students in our schools are taught in deficient facilities as the state faces a $15 billion backlog of needed infrastructure updates. We owe it to our children and theirs to make fixing this problem a priority.

Read Heather's plan to use innovative financing options, including School Opportunity Bonds and the School Penny Tax, to rebuild our schools.

7. Grow Maryland's Innovation Economy

To be competitive throughout the 21st century, our state must take full advantage of its leading research and development assets and support its high-tech industries.

Read Heather's plan to facilitate greater commercialization of academic research, and capitalize on nanotechnology, cyber security, and the arts.

8. Invest in Maryland's Public Infrastructure

Maryland commuters should not have to deal with crushing traffic that keeps them from their jobs and families. Our time is valuable. We want good roads, and convenient and reliable public transit options. The next governor must make our road, bridge, port, airport and transit needs a top economic priority.

Read Heather's plan to fund much-needed infrastructure projects across the state, including the Purple and Red Lines.

9. Streamline Our Regulatory System

Businesses thrive on certainty and an understanding of the rules of engagement. Our business community is entitled to a clear, swift and easy-to-navigate regulatory system.

Read Heather's plan to establish a Business Advocate and reform the state's procurement process.

10. Expand Sustainable Clean Energy Jobs

Maryland is well positioned to become a national leader in creating sustainable clean energy jobs. Supporting the clean energy economy protects the environment, ensures long-term economic growth, and puts Marylanders to work.

Read Heather's plan to make Maryland a wind energy manufacturing hub, increase Maryland's renewable portfolio standard, and create a Green Building Loan Program.