Protecting Our Environment

Maryland’s environment is interconnected with every piece of our everyday lives. Clean air and water ensures the safety of our families and communities. Clean energy helps us combat climate change. A healthy Chesapeake Bay fuels local economies and tourism.

These priorities are critical to our environmental health, and Maryland's next governor will face an array of tough decisions in the coming year: protecting Maryland from unregulated fracking, taking the next step to fight climate change and greenhouse gases, cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay, and supporting smart growth and pollution controls. Heather Mizeur is the only candidate with a track record of always putting these environmental priorities first.

Leading the Way Against Dangerous Fracking

Heather has been the state's foremost leader to prevent dangerous shale gas drilling, or fracking, in western Maryland. Her bill three years ago led to the creation of the Maryland Marcellus Shale study, and she is now working to pass a strict moratorium on drilling until studies are complete. No studies, no fracking.

Saying No to Cove Point

Dominion Resources, Inc. is pursuing a dramatic expansion of their Cove Point liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Calvert County by constructing a $3.8 billion export terminal. The terminal would be a collection point for fracked natural gas from throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, where cargo tankers would then ship it throughout the world. But the environmental price Maryland would have to pay under this plan is too significant. There are better alternatives that would create more jobs while supporting our growing clean energy industry.

Read Heather's position paper on why a Cove Point natural gas export facility would hurt our efforts to combat climate change.

Combating Climate Change through Clean Energy

Heather worked with the Maryland Energy Administration in 2012 to create a program enabling homeowners to purchase clean energy heating systems. She was an early sponsor of efforts to increase the state's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS). Heather also strongly supported Maryland's offshore wind program.

Fighting Keystone XL

In 2011, Heather authored a DNC Resolution calling on President Obama to reject the Keystone XL “tar sands” pipeline. In November of the same year, Heather was featured at a 12,000-person rally outside the White House, alongside leading activists and experts.

Protecting Our Water from Runoff Pollution

In addition to her strong support for stormwater runoff protections, Heather took on a vocal leading role on the House floor in 2013 to oppose efforts to weaken Bay agricultural runoff rules. Known as ‘agricultural certainty,’ Heather stood with nearly two dozen environmental groups who advocated against efforts by the current administration to weaken rules for agricultural runoff.

In the coming months, Heather will be releasing her vision on how we protect the Bay, defend Maryland from fracking, and ensure the safety of our air, water, land, and communities. To read more about her positions on the most pressing issues affecting our environment, read her responses to the Maryland League of Conservation Voters questionnaire.