What They're Saying

Editorial Board, The Baltimore Sun: "A supporter of higher taxes on the rich, a minimum wage of $16.70 (by 2022) and full legalization of marijuana, [Mizeur] is running the most purely liberal campaign the state has seen in at least a generation."

Stephanie Schriock, EMILY's List President: "Heather Mizeur is a progressive powerhouse who will fight for the rights of Maryland’s women and working families from day one. Heather is poised to be the first elected openly gay governor in the country and the first woman to serve as governor in the Free State. The EMILY's List community—now three million members strongis excited about this glass-ceiling breaker."

Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast: "The former Hill staffer, aide to John Kerry, and welder’s daughter has been called 'audacious,' 'canny,' and 'hard-charging,' and her run for Maryland governor is all of those things."

Michael Dresser, The Baltimore Sun: "So far, Mizeur has focused on detailed policy proposals and avoided the bitter attacks that have characterized the campaigns of her two rivals for the Democratic nomination."

Josh Kurtz, Center Maryland: "Mizeur is one of the canniest politicians in Maryland today. She doesn’t run from her beliefs or her natural constituencies. Instead, she offsets them – or more to the point, she augments them – by working other issues with appeal in different parts of the state." 

Todd Eberly, Political Scientist at St. Mary's College: "I consider [Mizeur] to be the most exciting candidate in the raceand in a primary, excitement matters."

Most Exciting Candidate in the Race