A Quality Education For All Maryland Children

Maryland’s schools face big challenges and it's up to the next governor to address them and set all of our children up for success. Our state's achievement gap is one of the worst in the nation; too many of our students are trapped in under-performing schools; and our educators are not being allowed to actually teach. Heather Mizeur's education plan makes pre-K available for every child, improves access to child care, and expands afterschool and summer programs.

These are the big solutions that will close the achievement gap. Heather will also ensure public education funding reflects today's biggest needs and will help put creativity back in the classroom by freeing educators from teaching to the test. Schools are the backbones of our communities and the future of our state depends on the future we provide our children.

Read Heather's full education plan.

Make Pre-K Available to Every Child in Maryland

Giving children access to a high-quality prekindergarten environment is imperative to closing the achievement gap and ensuring that all of Maryland’s children are given the opportunity to succeed academically and socially.

Read Heather's plan to offer pre-K to all 4-year-olds and expand access to 3-year-olds.

Improve Access to Child Care for Maryland Families

The high cost of child care should not devour a working Maryland family’s entire paycheck, nor should it prevent all but the wealthiest Marylanders from placing their children in a safe and nurturing child care setting.

Read Heather’s plan to expand access to and increase benefits of child care subsidies.

Expand Maryland Afterschool and Summer Programs

By providing safe, education-focused afterschool and summer opportunities for our children, we can strengthen their academic achievement, desire to learn and self-esteem, while reducing future costs for all.

Read Heather’s plan to significantly invest in afterschool and summer programs for K-8 children.

Renew Our Commitment to Public Education Funding

Our children's future is too important to continue using an outdated school funding formula. Together, we can address our educational challenges and make Maryland's next generation the brightest yet.

Read Heather's plan to convene a "Thornton 2.0" Commission.

Free Our Educators from Teaching to the Test

The only way we can have world-class schools is by having world-class educators. But the recent shift toward high-stakes testing does more harm than good. We must allow our teachers to bring creativity, imagination and critical thinking back into the classroom, and not force them to measure children by answers to multiple-choice questions.

Read Heather's plan to make Maryland a leader in empowering educators.