Clean Campaigns

Comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform

Our state’s democracy works best when everyday Marylanders play a central role in shaping the decisions of government. To get people engaged, we must limit the influence of money in our politics.

By establishing a robust public campaign finance system, improving campaign transparency, and closing loopholes that provide special interests undue influence in Annapolis, we can ensure that more Marylanders’ voices are heard.

Read Heather's full campaign finance reform plan.

Enact a Robust Public Campaign Financing System

It is time to get serious about removing the influence of money in politics. Our political process has been tainted by the abundance of special interest influence and increasingly, pundits call election results based on campaign coffers before voters have even engaged in the process. Enacting a robust public campaign financing system for all state offices will help ensure that our elected officials are truly public servants.

Read Heather's plan to enact a public campaign financing system for all state offices.

Curb Special Interest Influence and Improve Campaign Finance Transparency

We must ensure that the voices of everyday Marylanders are the strongest in Annapolis. Making vital decisions on every issue—from education and the economy to health care and public safetyrequires an open, fair, and inclusive process. Anything less threatens the integrity of our democratic values. This package of long-needed campaign finance reforms will ensure that Annapolis truly reflects the will of the people.

Read Heather's plan to curb special interest influence and improve campaign finance transparency.