Heather's campaign for governor is all about bringing people together to build communities in every corner of Maryland. Everywhere Heather and Delman go, they're picking up new supporters at a break neck speed.

But they can't do it alone, and thanks to volunteers and supporters like you, we won't rely on outside corporations and focus groups to brand our campaign. We are asking you to put your own stamp on your support and leave your mark on the campaign.  

Do It Yourself Materials

This campaign ultimately comes down to us, our neighbors, and our communities. In order to win on Election Day, we need to spread the word about the Mizeur-Coates plan to return Annapolis to the people. Help show your neighbors why Heather and Delman are the leadership your community needs.

Below, are three different logos and a Heather Mizeur photo to get you started on your own Mizeur-Coates materials. From t-shirts, to buttons and yard signs, these self-produced campaign materials will help showcase the campaign throughout your neighborhood. 

Heather Mizeur Photo

Heather Mizeur

Download this Heather Mizeur photo here.

Share Your Merchandise on Social Media

Once you've made your very own Mizeur-Coates materials, show us! Post pictures and videos to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #MizMD. We'll highlight some of our favorites on our own pages and here on the website. Showing off your gear on social media will keep spreading the word. 

Mizeur Merch 

Cover Photos

Another way to show your Mizeur-Coates support on social media is with cover photos. Below are four images designed for your Facebook cover photo. Like a digital yard sign, this will show your Facebook friends that you stand with Heather in the June primary.

Cover Photo 1

Download this cover photo here.

Cover Photo 2

Download this cover photo here.

Cover Photo 3

Download this cover photo here.

Cover Photo 4

Download this cover photo here.

Be Creative! 

What did we forget? Make the most of this people powered campaign by getting creative and having fun! Remember to use #MizMD so we see all your hard work!